Caitlin Wolters

Senior Frontend Software Engineer

I specialize in building complex React-based web applications, with a background in data analytics software and GIS.



ES6, React, Typescript, Webpack, Redux, Angular


HTML5, CSS / SCSS, Figma


git + GitHub, Agile, Jira

Data Visualization + Maps

AG Grid, d3, OpenLayers, Leaflet, Google Maps, Mapbox


Node, various SQL flavors



Soft Skills


At OmniSci I was nominated to be a Team Lead. I led several projects to build new features - handling both project management tasks as well as contributing to the code. I led the team’s retrospectives, and facilitated feedback between our team and all levels of management (including our CEO). I also led our bi-weekly Engineering Demo meetings, where I coordinated presenting new product features to the company. Lastly, I worked to coordinate a company-wide on-call system to improve triaging of critical bugs and cross-team communication.


I do my best to provide prompt, empathetic, and humble communication with everyone at my company. It's also my passion to write easily-readble, well-documented code. Additionally, the VP of Marketing at OmniSci called my presentation skills “fantastic”.

Culture building

At Omnisci, I had a strong impact on building a positive culture: I founded and ran our Mario Kart night - we met twice weekly for over 5 months and attracted people from all over the company. I also led an initiative to have a coordinated team Halloween costume, which won our company’s costume prize. Additionally, I frequently facilitated social meetings with my coworkers - including one that continues to meet long after I've left the company.

Work Experience


Senior Product Engineer

February 2021 - present

I am currently working on our company's UI component library, specializing in building our data table components and related functionality.

Recent projects:

  • Building out a global data validation framework that can be used across components
  • Implementing validation within data tables
  • Spearheading a project to build a server-backed grid component
  • Led a project to upgrade our highly-used table component's extremely outdated base library across a dozen repositories (formerly OmniSci)

Front End Engineer, Front End Team Lead

January 2019 - February 2021

As a team lead, I coordinated: daily standups, cross-team issue triaging, company-wide feature demos, team retrospectives, and the team's on-call system.

I was a project lead for major functionality that debuted in our largest release to-date. This functionality was also demoed by the CEO at the company’s first ever user conference

New skills learned:

Yale University

Front End Web Developer, Web Applications Developer

January 2018 - January 2019

I built a user interface for scientists to upload and create geospatial data related to plant and animal biodiversity.

I led an initiative to rebuild a suite of outdated applications. Notably, I built an Angular-based UI component library. Additionally, I built an Angular-based boilerplate for use in each application overhaul or in new application launches.

I also led an initiative to internationalize our Angular app. This included writing Node scripts to facilitate the translation process and establishing procedures for maintaining internationalization alongside new app development.


Wolters GeoDevelopment, LLC


November 2014 - December 2017

Immediately after graduating, I founded and ran a small business doing GIS-related web development. I worked primarily with nonprofit organizations to develop web map applications and data visualization tools.


Notable Clients:

Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office

GIS / Web Development Assistant

September 2013 - December 2014



University of Wisconsin-Madison

BS in Geographic Information Sciences and Cartography

Fall 2010 - Fall 2014

I focused on interactive cartography and web-development related classes. I worked as an intern during the last year and a half of university doing GIS-related web development. I took two directed study courses that involved developing web applications that focused on geospatial data.

Other Stuff



"One thing that I appreciate (and our team appreciates) is that Caitlin takes time 'to leave a place better than she found it.' As she is working, she regularly takes time to refactor existing code for the better or if the changes are too far off her current track, then she will file a JIRA with breadcrumbs."
– Erik Brockman, VP of Platform Engineering at Ridgeline
"Caitlin’s strong technical background enabled her to come up to speed quickly, and she continues to produce high quality PRs that impress her peers."
– Erik Brockman, VP of Platform Engineering at Ridgeline